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01 / 09 / 2018

Spotlight: David Connolly, New Roving Credit Manager

With the creation of a brand-new innovative post at Henry Howard Finance we ask David Connolly about his new role as Roving Credit Manager.


David Connolly, Roving Credit Manager 1


Please tell us about your new role?

I represent the credit team at Henry Howard Finance in face to face customer meetings. It helps me gain an understanding of a customer funding needs and gives me the certainty that they can afford the additional asset finance.


Where did you work previously?

I worked for a Bank-owned asset finance provider, Lombard, in various leadership roles, managing account managers and credit teams.


Why is the role so important to Henry Howard Finance?

The business has an ambitious growth plan. Growth in Henry Howard Finance’s own book lending is a key pillar of this strategy. By representing credit in key customer meetings I can help identify own book opportunity, underwrite the risk, and grow our lending safely.


What was it about Henry Howard Finance that attracted you to join the company?

That’s easy – after 30 years working for a major player in asset finance, the constraints of a bank-owned funder gradually took the fun out of asset finance. Henry Howard Finance are dynamic, flexible, and place value on growing customer relationships. Imagine a job that has you meeting new customers, learning about their businesses, and giving them the funding they need to grow, and be more successful. Show me another funder able to do that?


What would your advice be to someone looking to join Henry Howard Finance?

Work out what it is about a job in business finance that gives you a buzz. Is it doing what you’re good at, and enjoying doing lots of it? If it is, then we are looking for talented people like you.