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29 / 07 / 2019

Henry Howard Finance Wins Best Use Of Technology in Leasing Award!

Henry Howard Finance has been named winner of the Best Use of Technology in Leasing for 2019.

The leading UK business finance provider receives the title from Venture Global following a period of continuing growth. Established in 1996, to date the finance provider has helped over 30,000 business access adaptable and flexible support packages quickly and easily.

Behind this success lies a superior business intelligence platform, which has seen the company pull together data from across the enterprise to create a single version of the truth, keeping it ahead of competitors and enabling it to provide decisions which are informed, timely and accurate in the process.

Over the last 12 months HHF has been busy creating a new version of its online leasing application, HowApp, and through a £1million plus investment in the platform are proud of its ground-breaking capabilities which will lead the way when it comes to technology in finance as a result.

Here, Anne Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Henry Howard Finance, provides an insight into the inner workings of what is now one of the leading technology organisations operating within the UK SME finance sector today.Anne Williams

‘’Technology now lies at the forefront of everything we do here at Henry Howard Finance, making it easier and more efficient for our customers to do business. We provide first-class asset finance origination capability, portfolio management, analytics and risk management, all of which is underpinned with a robust and secure infrastructure.

Behind the scenes, more than 10% of our employees now sit within our IT and Technology department in order to make this happen, working alongside a team of business analysts to ensure we are working with real-time data and that all our integral systems are automated.

During 2017 we set out to build a robust, reliable technology infrastructure designed to support our ambitious growth plans and, which I’m pleased to say, we successfully completed. As ever, HHF customers have been integral to the decisions we have made within that time through the form of customer engagement surveys and focus groups, as well as the commissioning of independent research.

From this we are aware that a high percentage of our new customer base is with us because of our technical ability to support our customers. In addition to investing £1m into our new version of HowApp, some of the ways we do this includes:

Key Data Services – As part of our technology upgrades, we are now fully integrated into key data services providing commercial and consumer credit data, bureau agnostic, pricing calculations and amortisation profiles and other elements too.

Internal Applications – Over the last 12 months we have also integrated and updated most of our internal facing applications, cutting out waiting times and wastage to improve our processes and customer experience.  

Business Intelligence – We have created comprehensive data warehouse, and we are continually exploring and introducing the latest technologies and concepts into the business.

Infrastructure – We have created and unified our hybrid cloud infrastructure platform, harnessing the power and flexibility of the cloud where practical.  

Throughout all of our technology developments however, it is people who remain at the heart of our decisions. Our customer experience is first class, our staff get the support that they need, our partners save time due to automated systems – and our funders like what we are about and are supporting us. 

The use and importance of technology and our customer service excellence underpin all of our growth capabilities here at Henry Howard Finance, which continue to be as successful as they are ambitious.

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